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Our Story

Our Mission

Maison Mavis is a San Francisco based Asian style jewelry and accessories brand. Our goal is to bring unique yet on-trend accessories at an affordable price for our customers in North America. 

We continue to source unique style accessories around Asian countries. All of our current products are designed and made in Korea.

We understand that everyone has a unique style that represents their unique personalities. We respect the uniqueness of each style, therefore, each of our items would only have very limited stock. Most of our items are limited to less than three of each, some of them only have one per style. We want all of you to be special and to shine through the crowd. 

Quality and Safety

We believe in quality, not quantity. Each item goes through quality checks when arrived in our warehouse. Our staff check the item one more time and sanitize it before it is packed for shipping. We want to make sure you are buying something that is safe to wear. If an item is found to be damaged or not up to our standard after you have placed the order, we will not send the item to you and will notify you of a refund for the item.

Our team hopes that these little things will bring you joy and you will enjoy wearing them, especially in this difficult period.